Phaon Crescent

  • Family name: Nymphalidae/Brush-Footed Butterflies
  • General description: male violet blue with white fringes and small black spot along outer hindwing margin. Female brown with blue scaling limited to wing bases and small black spot along outer hindwing margin. Ventral hindwing gray with darker bands, two black spots along leading margin, a narrow (often faint) white postmedian band, and a single orange-rimmed black eyespot along outer margin.
  • Field Marks: small; orange with black markings and borders; forewing with median cream band.
  • Sexes: appear similar
  • Wingspan: 22-32 mm
  • Life Cycle: Egg: yellow, laid in clusters on the underside of host leaves Mature larva: light brown with darker brown stripes and numerous short branched spines Chrysalis: brown
  • Number of Generations: multiple
  • Flight Season: All
  • Abundance: Common
  • Habitat: old fields, canal banks, moist ditches, disturbed sites, roadsides
  • Larval Host Plants: frogfruit (Phyla nodiflora)
  • Similar Species:
  • Additional Information: Regularly expands range into northern portions of Florida; adults flutter very low to the ground
  • Range in Florida

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