• Family name: Nymphalidae/Brush-Footed Butterflies
  • General description: Dark brown with green spots and patches; hindwing with short tail. Ventral wing surfaces as above but paler orange-brown.
  • Field Marks: Dark brown with green spots and patches
  • Sexes: Appear similar
  • Wingspan: 70-80 mm
  • Life Cycle: Egg: Green, laid singly on host leaves Mature larva: Black with numerous orange-based black branched spines Chrysalis: Green
  • Number of Generations: Three or more generations
  • Flight Season: All year
  • Abundance: Uncommon
  • Habitat: Forest margins, clearings, overgrown plantations
  • Larval Host Plants: Green Shrimp Plant (Blechum brownei)
  • Similar Species: No similar species
  • Additional Information: Colonies are locally common; adults are relatively long-lived; considered by many to be Florida’s most beautiful butterflies
  • Range in Florida

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