With hundreds of butterflies and more than 50 species flying at any given time, the Butterfly Rainforest is one of the Florida Museum’s most popular permanent exhibits. So popular, in fact, that people sometimes refer to us as the “Butterfly Museum!”

The CBS Butterfly Rainforest Endowment was created in early 2019 with the goal of providing a steady stream of income to support Butterfly Rainforest operations. Over 100,000 visitors enjoyed the Butterfly Rainforest last year, and your donations will help ensure that visitors can experience the joy and wonder of the exhibit for years to come.

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A Few Fun Facts About the Butterfly Rainforest:

  • While the exhibit name may be the Butterfly Rainforest, the 6,400-square-foot screened enclosure provides a rich tropical environment where birds, turtles, bromeliads, orchids and hundreds of other vibrant flowering plants thrive.
  • Butterflies in the exhibit are raised on butterfly farms around the world. This form of sustainable agriculture helps protect natural forest habitats from destruction and promote local economic growth.
  • Butterflies in the exhibit typically live two to five weeks.
  • The flowering plants and butterflies in the exhibit change regularly, making each visit unique and full of new discoveries.