stand Up and Holler logo with gator shapeThe Florida Museum, located on the University of Florida campus, invites you to join us as we “Stand Up & Holler” on Gator Giving Day.

Every gift, large or small, makes a difference. On February 16, 2023, make an impact by supporting a program or cause of your choice.

This year, you can choose to support these Museum funds as part of the Gator Giving Day celebration! Explore what they are and find your favorites, then join us on Feb. 16 online and across the Gator Nation.

Make sure to give through the Gator Giving Day website to see your donation along with others from across the Gator Nation!

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Florida Museum: Building and Renovation

the front of a low brick building with a sloped metal roof at night with deep blue lighting in its wide doorwaysFund Name: FLMNH Building and Renovation Fund

Support the Florida Museum’s building expansion project, including a new home for the UF Thompson Earth Systems Institute. The expansion will feature a 21st century learning theatre, high-tech classroom, conference room, live lab, and exhibition area. Thank you for your generosity in supporting this capital project.

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CBS Butterfly Rainforest Endowment

a butterfly resting on a flower sprig against a jungle-like museum butterfly exhibitWith hundreds of butterflies and more than 50 species flying at any given time, the Butterfly Rainforest is one of the Florida Museum’s most popular permanent exhibits. So popular, in fact, that people sometimes refer to us as the “Butterfly Museum”! The CBS Butterfly Rainforest Endowment was created to provide a steady stream of income to support Butterfly Rainforest operations. Your gift today will help ensure that visitors can experience the joy and wonder of the exhibit for years to come!

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Student Fund in Support of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the Florida Museum

two hands each holding an elaborately folded mammal fossil tooth over a tray of smaller boxes with other fossilsSupport student research at the Florida Museum of Natural History! Your gift will directly impact undergraduate and graduate students through providing funding for field and lab work, internships, and other invaluable educational and research experiences. Preference is given to students whose work fosters inclusive excellence at the Florida Museum and beyond, and who exemplify academic merit and leadership potential.

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McGuire Center: Visiting Researcher Endowment

person holding up a butterfly specimen in front of the cameraFund Name: Mr. Carl Wisler and Dr. Midge Smith Visiting Researcher Endowment

With more than 10 million specimens, the McGuire Center for Lepidoptera & Biodiversity houses one of the world’s largest Lepidoptera collections, representing most of the world’s estimated 20,000 butterfly and 245,000 moth species. When you make a gift to this endowment, you directly support the collaborations and partnerships that are critical to growing the McGuire Center’s thriving research and conservation programs. Visiting researchers funded through this endowment will work with staff and students to curate and digitize the collections, accelerate and share knowledge and contribute to publications.

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UF Thompson Earth Systems Institute Endowment

several young adults lean over one holding two horseshoe crabs with a bright blue sky behind them hinting at the outdoors and the beachFund Name: Jon and Beverly Thompson Earth Systems Program Endowment

Your gift will help the UF Thompson Earth Systems Institute advance communication and education about Earth systems science in a way that inspires Floridians to be effective stewards of our planet. Through its Environmental Leaders Fellowship, TESI gives UF students from diverse majors and backgrounds the opportunity to gain experience in environmental research, education & outreach, and civic engagement, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, confidence, and network to advocate for the planet as they take on leadership roles in their respective careers.

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Randell Research Center

school students sit around a guide on a boardwalk in nature

Fund Name: Friends of the Randell Research Center

Your gift will support the programs and activities of the Randell Research Center and provide critical operating funds to care for the remnants of the ancient town of the Calusa at Pineland, Florida.

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