Keith Willmott

Pteronymia ticida, male

North Andean Clearwing genus Pteronymia Reclassified

Florida Museum researcher Keith Willmott and peers reclassified the genus Pteronymia in a new paper, adding six species for a total of 53, and studied the evolutionary history of the group. Authors: Donna Lisa De-Silva, Luísa L. Mota, Nicolas Chaz...
caterpillar mimicry

Evidence of mimicry in caterpillars documented

This image shows four different Neotropical caterpillar species from eastern Ecuador that have adapted the same warning color, a mimicry technique, to deter pr...
Keith Willmott in collections

Museum scientist receives UF assistant professor excellence award

Florida Museum of Natural History Assistant Curator of Lepidoptera Keith Willmott recently received the 2009 Jack Wessel Excellence Award for Assistant Professors. The award, given to 10 individuals at the University of Florida, recognizes out...