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researchers collecting fish

Rain & Loaches in Thailand

Collecting in the field can run the gamut from spending a beautiful day walking along a pristine river to being shot at for getting too close to protected land. Randy Singer treasures his experiences working in the field in Southeast Asia as much as ...
A male Miami blue butterfly. Florida Museum of Natural History photo by Jaret Daniels

Grants help Miami blue butterfly conservation efforts

One of the most critically endangered butterflies in the U.S. is getting a little more help. In November 2016, Florida Museum researchers collected about 100 Miami blue eggs and larvae to continue the captive breeding program. Florida Museum of N...
A 53-inch blanket octopus washed ashore in Wilbur-by-the-Sea on Wednesday in remarkably good condition. Photo courtesy of Michael Brothers, Marine Science Center

Rare blanket octopus added to museum collection

A remarkably well-preserved blanket octopus washed ashore in Wilbur-by-the Sea Wednesday morning, offering “a rare glimpse of an animal that can’t easily be observed or collected,” said John Slapcinsky, invertebrate zoology collections manager at the...