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Two Diamondback Terrapin turtles found in the Cedar Keys.

Best way to learn about island biology? Live on an island

Mud in your shoes and a squirming turtle in hand may not sound like a typical college class, but for students taking Island Biology, this was to be expected. Over the 10-day course, University of Florida and Santa Fe College undergraduates got a t...
scientist Natasha Vitek kneels on hill to dig for fossils

Florida Museum doctoral student wins $15,000 scholarship

The Philanthropic Educational Organization Sisterhood (P.E.O.) has awarded a $15,000 scholarship to Natasha Vitek, a doctoral student in vertebrate paleontology at the University of Florida. One hundred doctoral students in the U.S. and Canada wer...
moths inside hollow tree

Hollow trees host massive moth slumber parties

Unlike social insects such as bees and ants, moths are generally loners. So, when Florida Museum of Natural History lepidopterist Andrei Sourakov spotted a dozen glossy black Idia moths inside a hollow tree, he made a mental note. After he stumble...