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2012 Publications

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Papers In Press

Ehret, D.J., B.J. MacFadden, D.S. Jones, T. DeVries, D. Foster & R. Salas-Gismondi. Origin of the white shark Carcharodon (Lamniformes: Lamnidae), based on the recalibration of the late Negoene, Pisco Formation of Peru. Palaeontology.

Hastings, A.K., J.I. Bloch, C. Jaramillo, A.F. Rincon & B.J. MacFadden. Systematics and biogeography of crocodylians from the Miocene of Panama. J. Vertebrate Paleontology.

Klompmaker, A.A., J. Flores-Ventura & F. Vega, A new homolid crab, Zygastrocarcinus carolinasensis n. sp. from the Cretaceous (Campanian) of NE Mexico: implications for paleobiogeography. Boletin de la Sociedad Geológica Mexicana.

MacFadden, B. J. Involving undergraduates in informal learning experiences in paleontology. The Paleont. Soc. Special Publication.

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Thuy, B., A.A. Klompmaker & J. Jagt, Late Triassic (Rhaetian) ophiuroids from Winterswijk, the Netherlands; with comments on the systematic position of Aplocoma (Echinodermata, Ophiolepididae). Zoosymposia 7.

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