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As one of the most comprehensive research centers of paleontology in North America, we are recognized internationally for research on fossil invertebrates, vertebrates, and plants.


NSF-PIRE Panama Project: Collecting Miocene fossil vertebrates along the Panama Canal.

Our multi-departmental graduate program in anthropology, biology, and geological sciences includes six full-time faculty members, over 20 postdoctoral and graduate students, and numerous successful alumni. Externally funded projects and major endowments support high-impact research.

Our actively growing catalogued fossil collections are managed by a staff of three collection professionals aided by support staff, student assistants, and volunteers. Currently totaling over 10 million specimens, our collections have an increasing presence in the digital world. We are a major intellectual hub for research, global outreach, exhibits, citizen paleontology, and public and K-12 education.

As a major and rapidly growing research-training center for the next generation of professional paleontologists, we invite you to learn more about our program.



We house the editorial office of Paleobiology, an influential journal of the Paleontological Society


We were the host of the 2014 North American Paleontological Convention. Visit the NAPC website

Highlights 2012

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  • Arrival of Michal Kowalewski as the Thompson Chair of Invertebrate Paleontology
  • We welcome five new graduate students: Sahale Casebolt (Ph.D., Geological Sciences), Sharon Holte (Ph.D., Biology), Rebecca Koll (Ph.D. Biology), Alexis Rojas (Ph.D., Geological Sciences), and Julia Tejada (M.S., Biology)
  • We welcome four new post-doctoral researchers: Troy Dexter, Austin Hendy, Adiel Klompmaker, and Carrie Tyler
  • More than 40 publications in peer-reviewed journals, including Science, Geology, and PlosOne
  • Our publications have been cited more than 15,000 times (source: Google Scholar)
  • 10 external grants (primarily NSF) totaling over 15 million dollars
  • Many specimens accessioned and e-catalogued; including the recently donated John S. Waldrop (650K specimens), UNC-Chapel Hill, and USC-Upstate collections (330K specimens)
  • Second year of the editorial office of Paleobiology, a leading paleontological journal (IF 3/48)
  • Two major travelling exhibits, Titanoboa and Megalodon, feature our research discoveries; Megalodon has been seen by almost one million visitors to museums and science centers around the U.S.