Anna, Brendan, and Nicole looking over a pile of sponges on the boat deck

They study what?

That’s right, despite what you may have heard and believe, sponges are animals too! On this trip we were lucky … Continued

piles of dive gear on the boat deck

Bon Voyage!

From March 4th through the 14th several representatives from the FLMNH, along with scientists from many other institutions, will be … Continued

close up of John's legs covered in scratches

Danger! Science ahead!

Oh the things we do for science! In our pursuit of documenting biodiversity we often throw caution to the wind … Continued

picture of Bacula on black background

Vacuuming the Reef

For quite some time, our group has been experimenting with using Vacuum sampling to get small, cryptic parts of the … Continued

John picking at a rock with some forceps

Lab Work

I know what you’re thinking, “did you really go to a tropical paradise to toil in the hot sun and … Continued

John in dense foliage, shot from upslope

Waterfall Hike

We’ve had a couple new arrivals, and starting today our numbers are going to start increasing by leaps and bounds. … Continued