Kristin RossettiButterfly monitoring on Elliott Key
Conservation Coordinator

Current research:  

As the Conservation Coordinator of the Daniels lab, I am responsible for ensuring that all projects run smoothly and on time and for facilitating communication between our partners, stakeholders and lab members.  Our lab studies and works to conserve endangered, threatened and vulnerable butterfly taxa in Florida and California.  We currently have projects involving Schaus’ Swallowtail (Heraclides aristodemus ponceanus), Miami Blue (Cyclargus thomasi bethunbakeri), Monarch (Danaus plexippus), Atala (Eumaeus atala), Duke’s Skipper (Euphyes dukesi), Frosted Elfin (Callophrys irus), Sawgrass Skipper (Euphyes pilatka), Bahamian Swallowtail (Papilio andraemon bonhotei), Florida Duskywing (Ephyriades brunnea floridensis), and Florida White (Glutophrissa drusilla) butterflies in Florida, as well as Oregon Silverspot (Speyeria zerene hippolyta), Behren’s Silverspot (Speyeria zerene behrensii), Hermes Copper (Lycaena [Hermelycaena] hermes) and Mission Blue (Icaricia icarioides missionensis) butterflies in California.  Additionally, our lab works on habitat restoration projects for these species, as well as broader pollinator conservation projects in urban and suburban areas, such as rights-of-way, retention basins, backyards, gardens, and urban corridors.  My job includes a little bit of everything, but my favorite tasks are those associated with our captive colonies, monitoring species abundance and conducting other research in the field and creating materials for outreach to the public.

I have worked in the McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity for the past thirteen years.  Past positions include Research Technician and Librarian for the McGuire Center.

I am a proud UF alum- I earned my BA in 2005.



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