Invertebrate Paleontology

collection of mollusk shells

Mollusk graveyards are time machines to oceans’ pristine past

A Florida Museum of Natural History study shows that mollusk fossils provide a reliable measure of human-driven changes in marine ecosystems and shifts in ocean biodiversity. Collecting data from the shells of dead mollusks is a low-impact way of ...
Klompmaker examines fossils of ancient crustaceans

Crustaceans vulnerable as coral reefs decline

Postdoctoral researcher Adiel Klompmaker is lead author of a new study suggesting a direct correlation between the abundance of coral reefs and the diversity of many crustaceans. Florida Museum of Natural History photo by Jeff Gage Nearly 150 mil...
Gustav Paulay examines a fossil crab claw

Oceanic land crab extinction linked to colonization of Hawaii

University of Florida researchers have described a new species of land crab that documents the first crab extinction during the human era. The loss of the crab likely greatly impacted the ecology of the Hawaiian Islands, as land crabs are major pr...