This is probably a record for the most sites merged at one time! All of these once-separate sites are now under the umbrella of Invertebrate Zoology:

  • Malacology Collection (now the IZ collection, of course!)
  • Freshwater Snails of Florida Identification Guide
  • Snails of Papua New Guinea
  • Snails of Mexico and Central America
  • Marine Biodiversity Survey of Guam and the Marianas
  • Spineless Science blog

Betcha didn’t know we had so many snail resources on our site, huh?

This was a fun one since these sites were spread across two different servers running two different programming languages….PLUS we did a complete URL change from /malacology/ to /iz/ to reflect the diversity of the entire collection. Nice to see them all under one spineless roof now.

Invertebrate Zoology homepage screenshot