OMT is excited to announce the general release of the GRR Web Portal!

GRR Web Portal

The GRR is a unique collection within the Museum.  It receives, catalogs, and stores tissue samples from our other biological collections and, as such, contains data referencing other collections’ specimens.  This has historically posed a problem for the Museum in that there was no mechanism for tissue metadata to update in sync with the donor database.  The GRR perpetually reflected only the metadata as it was at the time of tissue contribution regardless of taxonomic and GIS updates to the specimen.

However, thanks to great collaboration with the GRR,  Invertebrate Zoology, Fishes, Birds, Mammals, and Herpetology, OMT has designed and implemented a solution for the data from the contributing collections to automatically synchronize and update the GRR.  The end result is, for the first time in Museum history, the GRR automatically stays in sync and return results consistent with the contributing database!

The GRR web portal is published at