The Florida Butterflies and Wildflowers site is a 12-year-old site that was funded with a grant from the Florida Wildflower Foundation.

The main focus of the site is a search interface for 50 of the most common wildflowers and butterflies found in the state. Like most of our database-driven applications built in that time period, the site was running on a very out-of-date Classic ASP codebase. Besides the technical support issues that can bring, it wasn’t the easiest experience for visitors because you had to get just the right combination of drop-down options selected to generate results.

The new site now sports a more gallery-like interface with filters instead of traditional drop-downs. This means it is much easier for people to browse and impossible for them to come up with a bad combination. Go check it out and find out what’s been fluttering in your garden lately!

screenshot of Florida's wildflowers site