coiled basket decorated with bright yellow and blue-green feathers, shells and beads.

Coiled Gift Basket

The Pomo made this exquisite small basket with feathers, abalone pendants and clamshell beads tied with glass trade beads. The…
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vase painted with tan, black and Terra-cotta colored flowers, birds, and geometric patterns.

Ceramic Water Jar

Acoma pottery is distinguished by very thin walls, a difficult technical achievement without the use of the potter’s wheel. This…
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carving of a figure at the center of the platter

Argillite Platter

Edenshaw was a master carver of argillite, a “black slate” unique to the Haida Gwaii islands of the Pacific Northwest….
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three stone hoes of various sizes, shapes, and color. Each has a wide semicircular base and a sharper tip.

Stone Hoes

These objects are shaped like axes, but don’t hold a sharp edge and are too heavy to be practical. They…
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one end of a Pine canoe

Pine Canoe

Dugout Canoes, carved out of a single log, have had the same basic design for the past 7,000 years. Timucuan…
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