The mammalogy collection has more than 33,000 cataloged specimens and approximately 500 uncataloged specimens.* It consists primarily of skins and skeletons as well as fluid-preserved specimens. The collection focuses on mammals primarily of the southeastern U.S., the Caribbean, and Middle and South America.

Exhibit Objects

Significant Collections

Florida Panthers

The Museum’s partnership with the Florida Panther Recovery Program has resulted in the only significant collection of this endangered subspecies in the entire U.S. with more than 300 individuals.*

Marine Mammals

Collections of more than 300 manatees and over 800 whales and dolphins are the result of cooperative work with researchers at organizations including the Southeastern Marine Mammal Stranding Network and Marineland of Florida.*

Cross-Florida Barge Canal

The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, previously the Florida Game & Freshwater Fish Commission, contributed a collection of more than 1,800 small mammals from the defunct canal project.*

Pakistan Survey

A small mammal survey of Pakistan has contributed more than 3,000 rodents and insectivores from the region.*

*Collection numbers were accurate at the time the exhibit was on display in 2017. Please visit the collection website or collection database for updated holdings information.