Balduina angustifolia

  • Family name: Asteraceae
  • Host plant for: none
  • General description: Herbaceous annual with erect branched stems, narrow linear leaves and bright yellow terminal flowers. Mature flowers become hard and honeycombed. Easy to cultivate. Plant in full sun. Benefits from regular moisture. Does not tolerate long droughts. Flowers attract butterflies and other pollinators.
  • Type: Annual flower
  • Flower: Yellow flowers
  • Bloom time: All year
  • Soil type: Moist to dry, well-drained sandy or limestone soils
  • Maximum height: 3 feet
  • Candidate for home gardens: Easy to cultivate, showy flowers
  • Availability in nursery: Typically not available. Grown by wildflower enthusiasts.
  • Frenquency in the wild: Common
  • Habitat: coastal uplands, sandhills, pine flatwoods
  • Range in Florida
Full sunFull Sun
Moderate wateringModerate Watering

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