• Family name: Lycaenidae/Gossamer Wings
  • General description: wings black; Male forewing with iridescent green scaling, black veins and wide black borders. female forewing black with iridescent blue scaling around cell. Hindwing ventral with small iridescent blue spots on outer half and large red patch midway along training margin near abdomen; abdomen red
  • Field Marks: tailless; abdomen red; wings black; hindwing with blue spots and large red patch along training margin
  • Sexes: appear different
  • Wingspan: 42-45 mmAtala
  • Life Cycle: Egg: white, flattened, laid in clusters on host leaves Mature larva: bright red with two rows of yellow spots on back Chrysalis: reddish-brown and speckled in black
  • Number of Generations: 3 or more per year
  • Flight Season: All year
  • Abundance: Uncommon
  • Habitat: parks, gardens, landscaped urban areas, hammocks, tropical pinelands
  • Larval Host Plants: coontie (Zamia pumila)
  • Similar Species:
  • Additional Information: Colonies tend to be spotty and highly localized, FL;
  • Range in Florida

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