Google Analytics is a web traffic analysis application that will show you how visitors actually interact with your site – how they got there, what they looked at, where they are located, what devices they used to browse your site and much more. You can even view this data in real time!

Please contact the Web Office Manager to gain access to the Museum’s Google Analytics reports.

Videos on this page:

Google Analytics: An Overview

Learn how to access your museum site profile reports and get an overview of the kinds of information Google Analytics can provide about the visitors to your web pages.


Topics covered:
0:00 intro
0:12 logging in, account access
0:35 full museum and individual reports list
1:12 switching between profiles
1:25 general info
2:05 real-time report overview
3:31 real-time locations
3:40 real-time content (desktop vs. mobile vs. tablet)
3:50 real-time traffic sources (organic vs. direct vs. referral)
4:44 setting report date ranges (and comparison data)
5:45 adding event annotations
6:09 audience languages
6:16 audience locations
6:45 new vs returning visitors
7:02 audience engagement
7:40 web browsers used
8:05 desktop vs mobile vs tablet
8:10 changing chart types
8:36 types of mobile devices
8:54 traffic sources
9:06 search stats (not available)
9:38 search engine optimization
10:00 social media traffic
10:29 content (all pages) overview
11:22 site speed
11:44 outro

Google Analytics for Non-Profits: Basic

Ready to take your site to the next level? Watch this Google-produced video to see how you can discover the answers to questions such as: How are my users engaged with my site? How can I make my marketing campaigns more effective and acceptable? Am I creating effective content? Where and why are visitors entering and leaving my site? How do I improve site interaction?


Topics covered:
0:00 – speaker intro
1:00 – Google Analytics intro
1:15 – analytics can help you answer difficult questions
1:40 – how other non-profits used analytics for success
3:20 – define your objectives
4:20 – identify your specific goals
4:44 – key performance indicators
5:20 – target numbers for your goals
5:47 – setting up analytics goals to track desired site actions
7:22 – determining which of your outreach efforts are the most effective
8:00 – noting correlations with annotations
8:45 – comparing new vs returning visitors
9:32 – measuring the impact of your offline and local efforts
10:32 – get valuable intelligence automatically with email alerts
11:10 – isolating your most valuable user segments
12:42 – investigating the behavior of your users with advanced segments
14:30 – measuring the engagement of your supporters
15:00 – mobile devices report
15:15 – how often are people coming back to your site?
17:00 – summary and things to try yourself to get started
18:00 – additional resources

Google Analytics for Non-Profits: Advanced

Get even more valuable information from your analytics. This Google-produced video will cover such topics as monitoring audio and video site components and tracking the effectiveness of social media efforts, banner ads and email campaigns.


Topics covered:
0:00 – speaker intro
0:40 – analytics can help you answer difficult questions
1:00 – example non-profit (SFMOMA)
3:12 – using tagging and real-time analytics to determine which efforts are the most effective
4:30 – tag everything you do to understand how users get to your site
5:00 – track all desired actions once users are on your site
5:50 – see immediately how people respond with real-time reporting
6:30 – identify the flow of your most valuable visitor segments to know where to optimize
6:50 – investigating the behavior of your users with advanced segments
9:40 – discover how visitors find out about you using multi-funnel channels
10:30 – use the visitor flow report to see how people move through the site
12:00 – features that will help you track supporter engagement
12:30 – frequency and recency report (long-term relationships)
13:20 – mobile device report (how someone interacts with your site)
13:50 – most important takeaway – assigning value to actions on your site
14:15 – goal tracking options
14:28 – tracking valuable visitor activities and interaction
15:50 – tracking social engagement
17:20 – summary and things to try yourself to get started
18:40 – other resources

More Resources

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