The Office of Museum Technology (OMT) provides the Florida Museum of Natural History with IT services essential for its day-to-day operations:


Enterprise Systems

The Enterprise Systems team manages a diverse ecosystem of server and network technologies to deliver Museum services. We design, implement, and manage the Museum’s enterprise infrastructure to support services such as clustered SAN storage and backup, highly available virtualization cluster, database services, and web services. In addition, the Enterprise Systems Team serves as technical liaison between the Museum and University of Florida central IT.


Technical Support

The Museum’s Technical Support team is dedicated to providing excellent service to make computer usage easy at the Museum. The Technical Support team services and supports approximately 400 computer users, and more than 300 devices on the Museum’s network. We support the Museum by resolving software and hardware issues, training the Museum’s staff, faculty and volunteers and answering computer-related questions to ensure our customers have the best computing experience possible.


Web Services

The Web Services team oversees the Concrete5 content management system used to power the main Museum web site and the legacy web server that houses other content. Our staff members provide access, training and support for the faculty, staff and students who want to contribute to the site. We also maintain a WordPress server to provide the opportunity for individuals and groups at the Museum to blog about their activities and research.

About this site

In the past, most areas of the Museum web site were left up to each division or individual to design separately. A multi-year project is currently underway to convert and upgrade the majority of the static web pages on the legacy server to use the Concrete5 system and the updated design template created by the Web Services team. This will not only provide an easier interface for staff to update their pages, but will improve the visitor experience by providing consistent branding, styling and navigation between the various sub-sections of the Museum web site.