Last week, BBC asked their readers to submit their #LastNormalPhoto—the last picture they took before the coronavirus changed their lives. This sparked a flood of photos across social media with this hashtag, and people talking about the changes in their lives, the things they’ll miss, and how life might never go back to normal as we once knew it.

I shared the BBC article on my personal Facebook page and my friends share their last photos with me. Dog pictures, food pictures, a baby shower, a common public space—all innocent and mundane.

Looking back at those last few photos of life BC (Before Coronavirus), especially as we get further away from that era, makes me feel ten years older suddenly.

selfie in museum lobby with fossil sculpture
I was lucky enough to know this would be my #LastNormalPhoto as I left Dickinson Hall and said goodbye to the terror bird.

It should be no surprise that I’m a huge advocate for selfies and photos. I live enthusiastically on social media. But taking pictures—good pictures—is an easy way to mark your own history if you don’t have time to keep a journal.

So my #LastNormalPhoto is a selfie on my way out of the Museum for the last time before officially starting working from home. I knew I was going. And probably not coming back for a while.

I’m vastly thankful to be one of the people who were able to keep working during this time. I have too many friends who lost jobs or suffered problematic life changes because of this. There will be a time soon where we start to navigate returning to the office. We’ll see how fast and how much we return to normal. Or if there will always be life BC.

In the meantime, take pictures. Document your life. Tell your story.

BBC article: #LastNormalPhoto: Thousands share last images before lockdown

Nature walks & working from home