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The Rambles has been away for awhile, admiring the beauty of the Ghost Orchid but this week the Rainforest has something else new that is beautiful and fun to look at. Over 25 somethings to be exact, in the form of new koi that have been added to the pond inside of Butterfly Rainforest. Coming in a wide array of colors and patterns, no two are alike, though all are less than a year old and thus are on the smaller side, at least for now.

As you can see, they came in a large bag, not unlike any fish you might buy for your aquarium. Just like new fish in an aquarium, they were left in the water to adjust help adjust before being placed directly in. After enough time had past, they were gently pulled out with a net and released in their new home. Come by and say hi to the newest members of the Rainforest Family sometime soon!

Florida Museum photos by Ryan Fessenden.