History of the UF Bat House and Bat Barn

Former University of Florida pest management coordinator Ken Glover presents an insightful history of the UF Bat House and Bat Barn. Take a look inside the structures, and discover why they were built, how many bats call them home and more.

Bats flying inside UF Bat House

Recorded video of bats flying during the day inside the Bat House.

Preparing to Leave the Bat Barn in the Evening

This recorded webcam video taken inside the University of Florida Bat Barn shows a high level of activity after sunset as the bats prepare for their evening egress, after which they consume millions of insects before returning at dawn. This five-minute segment was recording continuously in real-time.

UF bat colony leaving the Bat House and Bat Barn at dusk

See thousands of bats emerging from the Bat House and Bat Barn recorded with a camera outside the structures.