Tobacco Pouch

The Lakota traditionally used dyed porcupine quills to ornament items such as tobacco pouches. Later, artists began to use glass…
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parkas made from sea mammal intestines


In the Arctic, people made water-repellent coats or parkas from sea mammal intestines. Most museum examples are stiff and flattened…
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headdress made with rightly colored feathers

Olok Headdress

Wayana-Apalai communities in Brazil wear Olok headdresses, made with harpy eagle and scarlet macaw feathers, during initiation rituals. The Florida…
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woven blanket with motifs in tan, black, and blue

Chilkat Blanket

Chilkat blankets were the ultimate prestige objects on the Pacific Northwest Coast, being expensive and made of rare materials. Both…
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Close up of the beaded vest to show the rows of tiny seed beads sewn to create two green and blue horses and two American Flags in red, white, blue and gold, all against a background of white created by even more seed beads

Beaded Vest

In the 1800s, Native Americans began to produce objects to sell to tourists to support themselves while living on reservations….
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Woman’s Patchwork Skirt. Fabric alternates between black and multicolored patchwork stripes.

Woman’s Patchwork Skirt

In the early 1900s, Seminole women adopted hand-cranked sewing machines and revolutionized their patchwork tradition with more complex patterns. Patchwork…
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close up of brightly colored designs sewn from seed beads in shades of blue, green and maroon with gold accents. The edges of the fabric are red and tassels decorated to bottom of the bag

Shoulder Bag

This object is on permanent display in the South Florida People & Environments exhibit, located in the “Indian People in…
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close up of the headily decorated front flap of a Seminole Shoulder bag

Seminole Shoulder Bag

During the 1800s many Southeastern native men wore shoulder bags made of wool cloth with elaborate designs of embroidered beadwork….
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close up of two dolls dress in bright clothing

Seminole Dolls

Seminole dolls portray clothing and hairstyles worn by traditional Seminole men and women, with cotton “patchwork” cloth wrapped around palmetto…
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