Dwarf Tortoise (Hesperotestudo incisa)

Dwarf Tortoise

This object is on permanent display in the Florida Fossils: Evolution of Life and Land exhibit, located in the Pleistocene…
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Britt's Shovel-tusker (Amebelodon britti)

Britt’s Shovel-tusker

Shovel-tuskers were among the largest proboscideans (related to elephants) to live in North America. Paleontologists once believed they used their…
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Blunt-snouted Dyrosaurid Skull (Anthracosuchus balrogus)

Blunt-snouted Dyrosaurid

This crocodile-like reptile had an unusually short snout, giving it an incredibly powerful bite well adapted to eating tougher prey…
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Cuban Crocodile Skull & Albury's Tortoise Shell

Blue Hole Reptiles

When these large reptiles roamed the island, the climate and environment was similar to today’s. They went extinct after humans…
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Six Ancient Horse Jaws of varying sizes

Ancient Horses

Museum scientists have discovered nearly 500 Parahippus jaws from the Thomas Farm Fossil site, allowing study of differences between juveniles…
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