The economic impact of fishing in Florida is estimated to be $5.1 billion annually. This historical specimen of Largemouth Bass would represent a prized catch among fisherman today.


Largemouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides floridanus)
From Putnam Co., Florida, Jan. 1932

State Freshwater Fish




The Largemouth Bass has tremendous importance to the state of Florida: it is the state fish and the backbone of the freshwater component of Florida’s $5.1 billion fishing industry. This historical specimen of Largemouth Bass was collected from the Ocklawaha River on Jan. 6, 1932. It is among one of the earliest fish in the Museum’s fish collection, and for its large size, would represent a prized catch among fishermen today.

Besides the Largemouth Bass, three other species of black bass, as the group is collectively known, are native to Florida: the Suwannee Bass, Shoal Bass, and an undescribed form, known provisionally as the Choctaw Bass. A fifth species, the Spotted Bass, is introduced to the Apalachicola River drainage. While the Largemouth Bass can be found throughout the state, the other black basses are restricted to north Florida from the Suwannee River westward.

Robert Robins
Collection Manager, Ichthyology*
Florida Museum of Natural History

Additional Information

The Largemouth Bass is the official state freshwater fish of Florida.


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