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exhibit logoJan. 23 – Sept. 12, 2021

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How can slow and steady win the race? Does bigger always mean better? Survival of the Slowest features animals that are slow, small or weak and explores how they use these traits to thrive!

Visitors get an up-close look at live animals, including a sloth, hedgehog, snake and others. The exhibit has a keeper onsite to answer visitor questions, hold daily presentations and ensure the animals are healthy and happy! Meet creatures that have survived for millions of years despite their apparent disadvantages, and learn about the puzzling sides of evolution and adaptation. Discover the difference between warm- and cold-blooded animals, and see the unique ways they hide from predators. A keeper is on site to give daily presentations and answer your questions!

This is a bilingual exhibit. Esta es una exposición bilingüe.


High resolution versions of each image with captions are available for download below.