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GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Bring those you love to a special photography exhibit focused on families by Jeff Smith at the Florida Museum of Natural History. The show, “Family Nature,” opens Thursday (Aug. 20) and runs through Dec. 13.

Smith, a Melrose-based dentist since 1980, captures everyday family life in the wilds of north central Florida through his captivating photographs. His collection of photos includes courting rituals between barred owls, leisure time among alligators and mother eagles nurturing their recently hatched eaglets.

“I enjoy showing the beauty of family ties within every landscape and species,” Smith said. “I hope some of the images will inspire others to be more appreciative of families found in nature and to help them thrive.”

Two young pileated woodpeckers reach from the nest for their mother in the woods of north central Florida. Photographer Jeff Smith captured this feeding ritual for his “Family Nature” exhibit, on display at the Florida Museum of Natural History Aug. 20 – Dec. 13, 2009.

After his children left for college, Smith became more interested in photography. He ventured out into the rural areas surrounding Melrose and began noticing the distinct family rituals of Florida wildlife. His exhibit at the Florida Museum includes 14 photographs, ranging in size from 24 inches by 28 inches to nearly 3 feet by 4 feet.

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