Courses Taught

Invertebrate Biodiversity – spring term, all years

Graduate/advanced undergrad reading group on biogeography, evolution & systematics, focused on marine invertebrates – fall and spring terms


Graduate Students

Nat Evans, Ph.D. Student

John Slapcinsky, Ph.D. Student

François Michonneau, Ph.D. Student
Email: | Research and Selected Publications
I’m broadly interested in the creation and maintenance of marine invertebrate biodiversity (systematics, speciation, biogeography and community ecology). I’ve started my PhD in August 2006 as a trainee of the PEET project “Sea cucumbers on coral reefs: systematics of aspidochirotid holothurians”. This project aims to revise the order Aspidochirotida thanks to a collaborative effort by using morphological and molecular systematics.

John Starmer, Ph.D. Student
Email: | Research and Selected Publications
Interested in undertstanding how modern and historical processes interact to create and limit biodiversity at local and regional scales. Studying aspidochirote sea cucumber phylogenetics (Synallactidae, Holothuriidae, Stichopodidae) with a focus on the stichopodids. Would like to determine if habitat specificity influenced the group’s ability to diversify in shallow water tropical versus shallow-temperate and deep water environments.