Are there too many jellyfish in the oceans lately? What’s going on and how can we fix this? TED-Ed talked with Mariela Pajuelo and Javier Antonio Quinones about the abundance of jellyfish, what effect it has on humans, and how leatherback sea turtles can help keep them in check.

Mariela was happy to share her expertise on these turtles and the jellyfish they eat with the TED-Ed team to create this lovely video.

an educator holding two glass jars leans over a table set with interactive scientific equipment, models and papers with colorful illustrations and photos. A young child point to one of the glass jars the educator is holdin.
Mariela and her son participated in the World Sea Turtle Celebration here at the Museum in 2023. Florida Museum photo by Bonny Matejowsky

Mariela Pajuelo is an assistant scientist here at the Florida Museum, and she participates in a lot of outreach with the UF Thompson Earth Systems Institute. Alongside her research on marina megafauna like sea turtles, she is a member of the IUCN Marine Turtle Specialist Group.