Have you heard about the iNaturalist app and want to try it out? It can be intimidating for people to jump in who feel like beginners, or who are just starting to explore their backyard biodiversity or discover plants and animals on nearby nature walks. But citizen scientists are helping researchers around the world when they use apps like iNaturalist.

man with large amphibian sports mascot
Dr. David Blackburn is our Curator of Herpetology.

How does iNaturalist work and how can you start exploring and logging your discoveries? Our herpetologist, Dave Blackburn, presented a great webinar on the hows and whys of the app and the community that supports it.

Dave’s webinar was hosted by our partners at Holbrook Travel, who help us accompany guests to fantastic locations around the world to explore biodiversity hotspots. The webinar is below, but first, here are some resources to check out if you want to learn more while watching the video:

Introduction to iNaturalist: “Connecting People to Nature” with Dr. David Blackburn