Today we awarded the Hashtag Trophy to the Bloch Lab in our Vertebrate Paleontology Division for winning our staff #MuseumSelfieDay 2020 competition. Museum Selfie Day, usually held on the third Wednesday of January, is a fantastic opportunity for our Museum staff and students to highlight their work and workplace.

researchers and students being excited about an award
Jon Bloch was excited for his paleontology team to win the Florida Museum Selfie Day Hashtag Trophy. Florida Museum photo by Chelsea Collison

Like the Stanley Cup, each year’s winners are engraved on the award base and that team displays the award in their work space. BTW, there are lights on the hashtag in case one wanted to carry it around and show off.

In 2019, the Hashtag Award was held by our Invertebrate Paleontology Division. As you can imagine, there’s a little rivalry among our paleontologists, and the three top choices included Invertebrate Paleontology again this year. It was a tough choice by officiant Chelsea Collison and her panel.

Curator Jon Bloch and his paleontology team cashed in on the fact that everyone loves fossils, and they made sure to let us know what species they were featuring in their selfie. When we visited them to hand over the Hashtag, they especially wanted to have their photo taken in the lab, surrounded by fossils being prepped from the Montbrook dig site. So here it is:

Our team members showed off their work this year, from specimens to labs to behind the scenes in the exhibits–and of course a bit of their silly side, because it take a sense of humor to get by around here!

Check out this year’s selfies:

Museum Selfie Day 2020