MuseumSelfie Day 2018
MuseumSelfie Day 2018

Our 2018 #MuseumSelfie Day got off to a slow start here at the Florida Museum. But as soon as pictures started popping up, our staff got a little competitive. Especially once they heard there was going to be an award to the collection or lab with the best selfies.

Not only are our scientists and team slightly competitive, they all get genuinely excite to show off their work. So at the end of the day, the selfies were flying. Staff who didn’t have social media accounts got into it and we posted their pics from the Museum’s social channels. Some people even slid in late the next day just because they wanted in on the fun.

One caveat we have is that some photos aren’t true selfies because the last thing we want is someone trying to hold their favorite fragile specimen or object with one hand and take a picture with the other. Nightmare fodder!

The winner among our staff selfies went to our herpetology collection for having such fun with crocodilians! So this year they will be able to proudly display the Hashtag Award. And next year, similar to the Stanley Cup, herpetology will pass the Hashtag Award to the next winners of #MuseumSelfie Day!

Chelsea Collison presented the Hashtag Award to Coleman Sheehy, collection manager, and Leroy Nunez and Amber Singh. Congrats, herps!

Meanwhile, here’s a collection of some of the great Museum team selfies from #MuseumSelfie Day 2018: