Columbian Mammoth

  • Columbian Mammoth Jaw
  • Columbian Mammoth Jaw
  • Columbian Mammoth Jaw
  • Columbian Mammoth Jaw, Teeth

Mammoths once roamed Florida but went extinct about 10,000 years ago, in part due to human hunting. This is the real jaw of the mammoth skeleton in the adjacent gallery.


Columbian Mammoth Jaw by Richard Hulbert

Mammoths first appeared in Florida about a million and a half years ago. Late in their chronologic range a new predator appeared on their scene — humans. We know humans hunted mammoths, mastodons and other large prey in Florida because of marks and butchering marks on their bones and they used parts of them for tools. How much human interaction and hunting pressure was related to the extinction of these large animals is still a great question and debate among scientists.

Richard Hulbert
Collection Manager, Vertebrate Paleontology
Florida Museum of Natural History


Columbian Mammoth Jaw (Mammuthus columbi)
From Aucilla River, Florida
Lived ~16,000 years ago

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