close up of clay face with distinct features

Effigy Head

The size of the head on this exceptional example of Veracruz art indicates it came from a figure that was…
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pouch made with dyed work

Tobacco Pouch

The Lakota traditionally used dyed porcupine quills to ornament items such as tobacco pouches. Later, artists began to use glass…
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coiled basket decorated with bright yellow and blue-green feathers, shells and beads.

Coiled Gift Basket

The Pomo made this exquisite small basket with feathers, abalone pendants and clamshell beads tied with glass trade beads. The…
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woven blanket with motifs in tan, black, and blue

Chilkat Blanket

Chilkat blankets were the ultimate prestige objects on the Pacific Northwest Coast, being expensive and made of rare materials. Both…
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vase painted with tan, black and Terra-cotta colored flowers, birds, and geometric patterns.

Ceramic Water Jar

Acoma pottery is distinguished by very thin walls, a difficult technical achievement without the use of the potter’s wheel. This…
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Close up of the beaded vest to show the rows of tiny seed beads sewn to create two green and blue horses and two American Flags in red, white, blue and gold, all against a background of white created by even more seed beads

Beaded Vest

In the 1800s, Native Americans began to produce objects to sell to tourists to support themselves while living on reservations….
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carving of a figure at the center of the platter

Argillite Platter

Edenshaw was a master carver of argillite, a “black slate” unique to the Haida Gwaii islands of the Pacific Northwest….
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