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Museum photographer Kristen Grace was once again recognized by the UPAA (University Photographers Association of America)! This time for a photo taken during a trip to Costa Rica this summer.

two people look at a big leaf with a small frog on it
Dave Blackburn points out a poison dart frog in the rainforest of Chilamate, Costa Rica, as a camp participant takes a photograph. Florida Museum photo by Kristen Grace

In the stunning photo, Dave Blackburn points out a poison dart frog in the rainforest of Costa Rica as a camp participant takes a picture. Dave is a UF and Florida Museum herpetologist, and has been a Costa Rica Rainforest Camp guide for several years.

Florida Museum partners with Holbrook Travel to send scientists and guests on science-centric ecotours to places like Costa Rica, Tanzania and the Galapagos Islands. Visitors can fully immerse in the natural wonders of the destination and learn about the local biodiversity with excellent guidance.

This reoccurring Costa Rica Camp trip is aimed at families, offering hands-on experience in the extremely diverse rainforests of Costa Rica. The goal is to inspire kids to engage with nature and create positive experiences so that they become life-long stewards of the environment.

Kristen’s brilliant photo from a guided day trip placed third in the ‘Science and Research’ category of the UPAA monthly image competition, June through August summer round. Congrats Kristen!