Florida Kingsnake

  • Florida Kingsnake
  • Florida Kingsnake
  • Florida Kingsnake
  • Florida Kingsnake

Native snakes play an important role as natural predators in many of Florida’s ecosystems. Kingsnakes were once common in Paynes Prairie just outside of Gainesville, but are now difficult to find there.


Florida Kingsnake by Kenneth Krysko

Kingsnakes feed on many small animals including turtle eggs, rodents and other snakes — including venomous species. In fact, that’s where they get their name: the Kingsnake.

Kingsnakes were once really common throughout much of Florida. They’ve experienced drastic population declines over the last 40 years or so. It was thought that there was only one species in our state, but recent DNA and morphological studies showed that there are three; all of which are in need of protection.

Kenneth Krysko
Former collection manager, Herpetology
Florida Museum of Natural History


Florida Kingsnake (Lampropeltis floridana x getula; Hybrid)
From Alachua Co., Florida, 1949

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