Currently at the McGuire Center

Deborah Matthews works as a biological scientist with curator Jacqueline Miller. Her responsibilities include assisting with field work, identifications and processing specimens collected in surveys. She also prepares articles for publications and maintains and databases special collections. Matthews also curates the Pterophoridae section of the McGuire Center’s collection, and works as a photographer, editor, designer, illustrator and preparator.


Deborah Matthews exhibiting live caterpillars during Butterfly Fest

Deborah Matthews exhibiting live caterpillars duringĀ an event

Matthews is an active member of several organizations, including the Southern Lepidopterists’ Society, for which she currently serves as Chairman. One of the group’s recent outreach activities included exhibiting live caterpillars during the Florida Museum’s annual ButterflyFest. Visitors of all ages enjoyed a close look and the opportunity to touch or hold live caterpillars, often for the first time, and to observe examples of the adult moths that result from these caterpillars. During ButterflyFest, Matthews also co-teaches a butterfly rearing workshop.