Florida Museum of Natural History
Polites vibex
Family name: Hesperiidae/Skippers
General description: male forewing orange with black margins and large black stigma and adjacent black patch; female forewing brown with orange along costal margin and several pale spots; ventral hindwing golden orange (male) or brown (female) with two rows of large square spots.
Field Marks: ventral hindwing with two rows of large square spots
Sexes: appear different
Wingspan: 24-38 mm
Life Cycle:
No. of Generations: multiple
Flight Season: February to November
Abundance: common
Habitat: open woodland, disturbed areas, old fields, parks, yards
State: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas
Larval Host Plants: grasses
Additional Information: very common in yards; adults exceedingly fond of low flowers

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