Banded Hairstreak

  • Family name: Lycaenidae/Gossamer Wings
  • General description: wings unmarked dark gray-brown; male with dark forewing stigma. Ventral hindwing brown with short tail, dark postmedian band edged outwardly in white, and large blue patch not capped in red.
  • Field Marks: small; hindwing tail; hindwing with postmedian line edged outwardly in white; hindwing blue patch without red cap
  • Sexes: Appear similar
  • Wingspan: 25-33 mm
  • Life Cycle: Egg: pinkish-tan, flattened, laid singly on host twigs Mature larva: variable; whitish, green, or brown Chrysalis: mottled brown
  • Number of Generations: one per year
  • Flight Season: March-May
  • Abundance: Common
  • Habitat: parks, forest margins and clearings, woodlands, roadsides
  • Larval Host Plants: Oaks (Quercus spp.), walnuts (Juglans spp.)
  • Similar Species:
  • Additional Information: Eggs overwinter. Range is limited in New Mexico.
  • Range in Florida

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