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Butterfly Image American (Painted) Lady

Orange with black markings; black forewing extended and squared-off with small white spots; hindwing with postmedian row of small black eyespots; ventral hindwing woth white cobweb pattern and two prominent eyespots

Butterfly Image Banded Hairstreak

wings unmarked dark gray-brown; male with dark forewing stigma. Ventral hindwing brown with short tail, dark postmedian band edged outwardly in white, and large blue patch not capped in red.

Butterfly Image Barred Yellow (Barred Sulphur)

Seasonally variable; summer form (wet season) individuals pale yellow to white with black hindwing margin. Male forewing with black apex and distinct wide black bar (often edged in orange) along training margin. Female forewing with black apex and diffuse (or nearly absent) black bar along trailing margin. Ventral hindwing light gray to immaculate white. Winter form (dry season) individuals bright yellow with black patch along hindwing margin. Male forewing as in summer form. Female forewing lacking black bar long trailing margin. Ventral hindwing brown to reddish with numerous darker pattern elements. Various intermediate forms can be found.

Butterfly Image Black Swallowtail, Eastern

Male black with broad yellow submarginal band and row of yellow marginal spots. Female black with yellow submarginal band reduced or absent; hindwing with increased blue scaling. Hindwing has single tail and orange eyespot containing central black pupil. Ventral hindwing with submarginal and marginal spots containing orange, as well as a single yellow-orange cell-spot. Abdomen with longitudinal rows of small yellow spots.

Butterfly Image Buckeye, Common

Forewing brown with two orange cell bars and a white subapical band enclosing a single large eyespot; hindwing brown with to large eyespots and an orange submarginal band. Ventral hindwing seasonally variable; summer form (wet season) individuals light brown with a darker postmedian band including several small dark spots; winter form (dry season) individuals reddish-brown with less conspicuous pattern elements.

Butterfly Image Cassius Blue

Male violet-blue with white fringes. Female brown with blue scaling limited to wing bases; hindwing of both sexes with dark spots along margin. Wings somewhat translucent. Ventral hindwing white with darker gray bands and two orange-rimmed black eyespots along outer margin.

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