Florida Museum of Natural History

Welcome to our Florida Wildflower and Butterfly Garden

photo 1 The sloped expanse on the west side of the McGuire Center awaits a transformation.

photo 2 The site is prepped and construction of a sidewalk begins.

photo 3 Segments of the sidewalk cure as others are completed.

photo 4 Weeks later, Florida wildflowers decorate the landscape and water-saving mulch blankets the bare earth.

photo 5 Potted trees and shrubs arrive on the south rim.

photo 6 Once mature, they will serve as a lush green backdrop to accent the rich color in the main sections of the garden.

photo 7 A visitor enjoys the dancing color.

photo 8 Flowering plants such as tropical sage and firebush, along with Elliott's lovegrass, serve as a focal point.

photo 9 Plant identification signs give the common and scientific names.

photo 10 Dune sunflower is a drier-habitat beach plant, but it adapts in well-drained gardens.

photo 11 A Gulf Fritillary samples snow squarestem and tropical sage.

photo 12 A profusion of mixed color resembles a cottage garden.

photo 13 Afternoon sun drenches tropical sage, which thrives when spent flower heads are pinched off regularly.

photo 14 Grasses and mulch stabilize the back slope.

photo 15 A native, but aggressive, marigold rims a nearby pond and complements the wildflower garden.

photo 16 The last petals cling to a seed head before it falls to the earth, with renewal to begin in the spring.