ARPP displays for Forest Capital Museum

The Aucilla River Prehistory Project is designing an exhibit based on Paleoindian artifacts recovered during the project in Taylor/Jefferson Counties. The exhibit will be presented to the Forest Capital Museum later next year.

Chief Preparator Russ McCarty of the Vertebrate Paleontology range at the FLMNH has produced beautiful casts of Paleoindian artifacts, and these will be mounted, along with an informational board, at the museum in Perry. Included are artifacts representative of various Paleoindian cultures including Clovis, Suwannee, and Simpson spear points, an intact ivory ‘foreshaft’, and a large stone knife. Representative of the animals these people hunted, a mammoth tooth will also be part of the display.

Joan Herrera and Joe Latvis met in Perry late last fall to measure the space allotted our exhibit in the Forest Capital Museum. The museum is located on the west side of Highway 19 in the southernmost end of town. Joan Herrera is currently completing the written copy for the display and working with a local printing company, Creative Workshop to produce the backboard. The exhibit will also include a copy of the new ARPP poster (see “ARPP produces educational poster”) and informational brochures.