Wacissa bison radiography

CAT scan radiography of a Bison antiquus skull reveals the broken tip of a Paleoindian point that penetrated the surface of the animalís horn core. This bison skull was found in the Wacissa River in 1981 by Roger Alexon. Radiocarbon dates of 9900+/-200 and 11,170+/-130 are associated with it and with other bison bones found nearby. This large date range is still within Paleoindian times.

This spearpoint wound would not have killed the bison, but it did die the same day. This was determined when it was discovered that the bone around this wound site never had the time to heal at all. This is one of very few known occurances of Paleoindian and extinct bison interaction in the Eastern United States.

CAT scan of Wacissa Bison skull showing an impact fractured stone projectile tip imbedded in sinus cavity. Image courtesy of Shands Hospital staff. Enhancement and labels by J. Herrera.