Dr. Webb appointment to Distinguished Research Curator

On March 20,1997 U/F President Dr. John Lombardi announced, upon the recommendation of the Florida Museum of Natural History, the appointment of Dr. S. David Webb to the rank of Distinguished Research Curator. Senate criteria used for determining this rank require that:

“Those selected should have truly distinguished themselves in teaching and/or service while at the University of Florida....they should have gained a reputation on this campus among undergraduate, professional and/or graduate students and among the alumni for being a superior and highly influential teacher....their undergraduate and graduate programs have turned out leaders in their field: their service on regular University and ad hoc University committees has resulted in truly beneficial contributions to the university: their service to the state and nation has brought distinction, honor and fame to the university.”

Dr. Webb’s service as cofounder and 14-year Director of the Aucilla River Prehistory Project certainly confirms the Senate’s lofty criteria.