Soliciting letters of support for '97

Your letters made the difference last year (see below). This year we need them even more urgently. These letters will allow us to maintain our momentum on the river excavations, and they will allow our graduate students to continue their research programs.

Please, if you enjoyed this new magazine and the exciting prehistoric research it represents, write us a letter. Please sit down and do it now. Any letter in your own words about what intrigues or appeals to you about the ARPP will be just fine. You could mention that you would like to see the ARPP continue its recovery of this unique part of our Florida Heritage.

To be part of our application for a grant, we ask that you address your letter to: Mr. George Percy, Special Category Grants, Division of Historical Resources, Department of State, but mail your letter to:

Dr. S. David Webb
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611-7800

That is because I must compile these letters in a particular format and then bundle them all as an appendix in support of the grant.

Thanks for writing and sending your letter to me at this museum address before May, 1997.