Legislative Advocacy Campaigns

The Special Category Grant Funding process administered by the Florida Department of State, Division of Historical Resources, occasions legislative advocacy campaigns to Tallahassee twice each year in support of the funding package that contains the ARPP proposal.

Aucilla River Prehistory Project staff and volunteers from around the state converge on the offices of the Governor, Secretary of State, Senate and House of Representatives, presenting their case with the skill, experience and enthusiasm that so many team members possess.

Hailing from project host institution FLMNH, Project Director Webb and Co-chief Scientist Milanich are the point men in this process, their eloquent efforts augmented by a host of dedicated partisans: In 1996, Jody Barker and Dean Sligh voiced Orange County's support; Wilmer Bassett, David Janet and Jack Simpson represented Jefferson County's interests; Lance Carlson and Matthew Mihlbachler communicated UF undergraduate support; Brinnen and Jennifer Carter and David Thulman articulated Leon County's preferences; Bill Gifford and Steve Glover delivered Volusia County's perspective; Ed Green and Joe Latvis advocated Hernando County's priorities; Andy Hemmings and Mark Muniz reflected UF graduate student sentiment; and Alyssa Martinelli and Tanya Peres vouched for FSU's graduate student interests.

In addition to the enthusiastic support we have come to enjoy from perennial boosters like Governor Lawton Chiles, Secretary of State Sandra Mortham, and Representatives Allen Boyd and Marjorie Tumbull, we also received substantial encouragement from Senators W.D. Childers, Charles Bronson and Rick Dantzler, as well as Representatives Buzz Ritchie, Alzo Reddick, Shirley Brown and Cynthia Chestnut.

Transcending party affiliation, all agree that the world class research and extensive public outreach conducted by the Aucilla River Prehistory Project is an enlightened investment of public funds that will pay dividends for generations to come.