Conference Contacts

SPNHC 2015 Conference Contacts and Subcommittees:

Local Arrangements:

            Committee chair-Elise LeCompte ( or                


  • Communications/Promotions Committee- (Andreina Hornez Peralta, Paul Ramey)
  • Conference Web Design Committee – (Sarah Fazenbaker, Donna Ruhl)
  • Conference Social Media Committee (Donna Ruhl, Elise LeCompte, Stephanie Boothby
  • Registration Committee- (Elise LeCompte, Donna Ruhl, DCE-Laura Boekenoogen-
  • Program Committee (Richard Hulbert,, DCE-Laura Boekenoogen--
  • Plenary Session Committee-(Larry Page, Pam Soltis)
  • Meeting Equipment Committee (DOCE-Laura Boekenoogen)        
  • Events Committee (Elise LeCompte; Powell-Amber Tison)
  • Conference Field Trips and Collections and Exhibit Tours- (Tours-McGuire/Butterflies/Powell Exhibits- Darcie MacMahon, Jaret Daniels; Tours Dickinson- David Reed)
  • Finance Committee-(Bev Sensbach, Elise LeCompte)
  • Liaison Committee-(Elise
  • Travel Grants and Awards Committee- (FLMNH- Elise LeCompte, Rob Robins, Donna Ruhl; SPNHC Professional Development and Conference Committee-  Jeff Stephenson and Amanda Neill)

Stay tuned – more information coming soon