Cheng, S., M. Melkonian, S. A. Smith, S. Brockington, J. M. Archibald, P.-M. Delaux, F.-W. Li, B. Melkonian, E. V. Mavrodiev, W. Sun, Y. Fu, H. Yang, D. E. Soltis, S. W. Graham, P. S. Soltis, X. Liu, X. Xu, and G. K.-S. Wong. 2018. 10KP: A phylodiverse genome sequencing plan. Gigascience 7. [View on publisher’s site]


Understanding plant evolution and diversity in a phylogenomic context is an enormous challenge due, in part, to limited availability of genome-scale data across phylodiverse species. The 10KP (10,000 Plants) Genome Sequencing Project will sequence and characterize representative genomes from every major clade of embryophytes, green algae, and protists (excluding fungi) within the next 5 years. By implementing and continuously improving leading-edge sequencing technologies and bioinformatics tools, 10KP will catalogue the genome content of plant and protist diversity and make these data freely available as an enduring foundation for future scientific discoveries and applications. 10KP is structured as an international consortium, open to the global community, including botanical gardens, plant research institutes, universities, and private industry. Our immediate goal is to establish a policy framework for this endeavor, the principles of which are outlined here.