Systematic Collections

Systematic artifact collections are most comprehensive for Southwest Florida. There are also important reference collections from elsewhere in South Florida. Included are the Cushing Collection, comprised of the many items collected by Frank Hamilton Cushing during his 1895-1896 visits to the Southwest Florida coast; the Van Beck Collection excavated from the Marco Midden in the 1960s; the extensive Fort Center collection, including carved wooden posts, ca. A.D. 400; artifacts collected by John Goggin, on which the major systematic artifact typologies for South Florida are based; and all artifacts, precolumbian and post-contact, that have been excavated since 1983 during the Southwest Florida Project (e.g., Buck Key, Cash Mound, Galt Island, Horr's Island, Josslyn Island, Useppa Island, Mound Key, and the Pineland Site Complex). Some artifacts are on exhibit in the Hall of South Florida People and Environments.

Archaeobotanical, zooarchaeological, and pedoarchaeological samples are curated in the Florida Museum's Environmental Archaeology collections.

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